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Wenco Introduction Quality Assurance

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Wenco Industries Sdn Bhd was set up in 1981 to initially manufacture and fabricate rubber moulded products. These products were specifically produced for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the electrical appliances industry who were then heavily dependent on imported rubber moulded parts for their consumption.

Wenco’s successful venture into this market has been guided by four key main principles. They are:

• Quality
• Precision
• Innovation
• Efficiency

These principles have since been turned into Wenco’s competitive advantages. Through the years,we have expanded our capabilities and services to produce for OEMs in other sectors such as:

• Engineering equipment and industrial machinery parts
• Motorcars and motorcycles parts
• Products for the cable industry
• Quality household/domestic general rubber goods

As one of the pioneering companies in this niche market, Wenco Industries Sdn Bhd has since built up a strong clientele base comprising local and multinational companies for our superior quality natural and synthetic rubber-moulded products.



















Quality Assurance

Product quality is one of Wenco’s pillars of success. Our many years’ experience in working with OEMs in the various sectors has equipped us well to understand each of our customers’ needs.
To ensure that we maintain our quality standards, Wenco abides by the motto “Our Top Priority is Customers’ Satisfaction”.
Guided by this motto, Wenco has evolved Quality Assurance Process which comprises various tests to ensure that there is strict adherence to the customer's product specifications.
This process is followed through by a dedicated team of quality controllers whose tasks are to systematically conduct stringent quality checks throughout the production process.

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