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Meeting Customers’ Requirements

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Meeting Customers’ Requirements

One of Wenco’s key strengths is our ablity to custom-made rubber moulded products according to our customers' specifications of size, shape, weight and technical properties.
Our adept and knowledgeable team of mould makers are well-equipped to develop the prototype for a new product within a very short time frame after receipt of the technical specifications.
To ensure that the customer's specifications are fully met, Wenco has a well-equipped testing laboratory to conduct stringent tests on each product prototype before production begins.
While we pride ourselves to be efficient, versatile and fast in our work, we are best known for our precise production of  high quality and price competitive products.

Fulfilling Customers' need

Wenco is adaptable to last-minute production changes by OEMs. To cater to these changes and to ensure that the final product is delivered on time to the client, our strong networking experience has allowed us to quickly and smoothly align our entire value chain from raw material suppliers, mould makers, production team to even delivery team.
Moreover, Wenco has created its own multiple production lines which are readily inter-changeable to allow us to expedite any last minute changes in our production orders.
Our ability and flexibility to react quickly to customers' changes has established Wenco as one of the leading OEM parts manufacturers in the country.

Future Vision

Moving forward, Wenco had set the quality standard of Rubber moulding industries and are looking to venture into trading of raisin parts and components for the electrical appliances and automobile industries.

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